Swimming Pool Filtration and Sanitation control system

Designed from the ground up with the single goal of eliminating the problems caused by operator error. With inbuilt data logging, remote access and its own operation logic, AndSmart ensures the operation of the equipment is executed with precision.



Graphical touch screen interface with inbuilt help

Remote access and control via the internet

Automatic alerts either via SMS or email

Multi-level access with function restrictions

By simply pressing the login button and enter your password you have access to system.

The “Operator” user has ability to start and stop filtration, backwash filters. This login also allows the user to setup an auto backwash routine and take filters and pumps offline if necessary.

The “Supervisor” and “Administrator” users have more advanced abilities. These are for technicians to start and diagnose a new system and for future fault finding.

Some of the additional features:

  • Remote system diagnosis and monitoring of all connected components
  • Fully automatic backwash operations
  • Data local and remote logging capability's for power usage, water quality and user activity
  • Standard industrial components for easy maintenance and component sourcing
  • Optional webcam interface for plant room security and monitoring

Currently system installations cover Sand filters, VSD, pH and chlorine dosing as well as Defender UUF with single and multiple pump controller software.